551 JC

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551 JC

Customization: 1) The art work can be customized as per your requirement. We can always change the font as per your choice. 

2) We can change the inserts color if you don't like from the options given

3) We can change the ganesh laser cut logo to Initials (Couples Starting letters), Ek-onkar, Christian cross, Bells, Islamic Logo etc

551 JC is available to buy in increments of 25
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Envelope Size: 21.1 cm x 23.7 cm 

Main Card Size: 22.8 cm x 20.2 cm

No of Inserts in a set: 2

Orientation: Cover - Landsacpe Card - Potrait 

Shipping Weight in grams: 82

Note : Printing Rates Extra **

More Information
Color Black Grey Family
Orientation Landscape
Pattern N/A
Price ₹51.00 - ₹100.00
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