Digital Printing Service on Paper

Nowadays, marketing involves creating more personalized experiences for valued individuals. With digital printing, personalization can be achieved in the most economical way, and by faster means. Digital technology has become extremely popular for on-demand, quick, and cost-effective printing. Personalization and image modification becomes easier with digital printing.

Digital printers are, most commonly, inkjet or toner-based printers. An inkjet printer produces images by arranging minute ink droplets on the paper surface while a toner-based printer uses a toner – a fine, plastic-based powder – to produce dry microdots. A high-resolution image file or document can be uploaded on the computer and sent to a digital printer for printing.

This is a preferred method of printing if you want to quickly produce an image, document, or logo on the paper. At Jimit Cards, we provide the digital printing services on paper with the sizes of A4, A3, 12” x 18” and 13” x 19”. We print on art cards, ivory paper, textured paper, metallic paper, vellum/tracing paper, sticker sheets, etc.

Our expert team at Jimit Cards would determine the right size, texture, and other design details for your digital printing projects. We believe in achieving high levels of customer satisfaction and building trust with superior quality print services.

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