Indian Wedding Invitations in UK

About 2.3% of the current UK Population comprises people of Indian Ethnicity. So that means that after the traditional British wedding, there are more Indian weddings than any other ethnic group. Indian Weddings are all about celebrating the grandeur of celebrations with friends and family. And at Jimit Cards, we take pride in manufacturing and creating Jaw Dropping Wedding Invitation Cards for your Wedding Guests in UK. Our Catalog of Wedding Invitation cards include designs suiting to the variety of Indian Culture and Languages. So no matter what religion, region or language you belong to in India, we got the your Wedding Invitation needs covered.

Our Most Famous Wedding Invitations in UK include Laser Cut Cards, Scroll Wedding Invitations, Luxury Boxed Wedding Invitations, Radha Krishna Design Cards, and much more. Our Cards and Designs of Invitations comes in all Colours and Sizes as per requirement. We have kept a very simple process for you to order through our Online Store. You can simply choose the design of your choice and Order it online or you can get in touch with our Team and get your Wedding Invitation Customized according to your requirement. You can add the symbols and designs of your choice or add custom wordings according the ceremonies that will be held in your wedding.

We have been delivering overseas since a long time now and we assure you that our wedding invitation designs will add that superfluous sparkle to your celebration, making the best first impression for the event to come. So Go ahead, browse through our Catalog and feel free to contact us on Whatsapp, Live Chat or Email and our team will be happy to help you.

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