1636 W BR-0
1636 W BR
January 9, 2019
White Flowers in Lavender Color Wedding Card -0
White Flowers in Lavender Color Wedding Card
January 31, 2019
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1660 GR BR-01660 GR BR-0

Door Open Style Marriage Invitation Card | 1660GRBR


A Middle Open Style Wedding Invitation Card Design in Hardbound with Floral Pattern Printed.
The Acrylic logo in card front will have presonalised couples name engraved on it. We can change it to Ganesha logo, Islamic Logo, Ek Onkar Etc. The vellum paper pasted inside the card after opening gives it a elegant look.

Minimum order quantity is 50 pieces and above in multiples of 25. 

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No of Inserts in a set: 2

Printing Fees: INR 4000.00 for Lot 
(Cost Includes Printing on 2 inserts, envelope, vellum paper and inside main card)

Additional information
Weight288 grams
Dimensions18.1 × 27.5 cm


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