Wedding Cards in Hyderabad

Along with any other wedding traditions and customs, Wedding Invitation Card in a Hyderabadi Wedding plays a very important role. An invitation card plays the role of first impression giving important details of your wedding to loved ones who are looking forward to the celebration. With extensive collection of Royal and Designer Wedding Card Designs in Jimit Cards Catalog, you can add that Nawabi fervour to your Guest Invitations.

A traditional Hyderabadi wedding consists of important functions like Haldi Ceremony, Mehndi and Sangeet Function. At Jimit card, we provide options to add standalone invitation inserts also for all the functions that you want to conduct. Our Royal Wedding Cards and Scroll Wedding Cards are the most famous among this region. You can also select from the available designs online or can contact our team to get done your invitations customised.

Our main goal is to provide you with a jaw dropping invitation design within your budget. So if you are planning to get your wedding cards in Hyderabad, please feel free to browse through our Catalogue and contact us for consultation and guidance and we promise to deliver you the best of the services.

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