Barsa / Namkaran Ceremony Invitation Card

Inviting your loved ones for special ceremonies such as Barsa / Namkaran cannot be done by a simple phone call. The Namkaran is a ceremony where you will decide the name of your child and your friends and families are invited to share in your joy. It will be such a happy memory when everyone coos at your child with his name? To remember such an event, you need a hardcore substantial souvenir.

This is where Jimit Cards come into play. We make the invitation cards for your little one’s Namkaran / Barsa. The cards are designed, made, and printed by us. All your invitation needs are taken care of by us. The paper quality is only the best of all and the designs are made by taking care of your choices and preferences.

The design on the invitation cards is always relevant to the event you are planning. Our cards also have fancy adornments that will put a smile on you and your guest’s face. The cards prepared at Jimit Cards are one of a kind and the size, shape, design, colors, and textures all depend on your preference and the event you are planning.

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