Screen Printing Service

Remember that t-shirt you saw at the mall with a printed catchy line? Have you ever wished if you could wear a similar T-shirt with some personalized text or funny one-liner that you adore or you want to add a perosonalized text on it to represent your company at an event? Yes, that's possible with screen printing. Get your t-shirt customized with screen printing services at Jimit Cards. Bring any of your favorite t-shirts and you can get a logo design, or a famous quote or a funny one-liner or slogan or anything printed on your t-shirt with our immaculate screen printing services.

But, how is screen printing done? It may seem a simple process though it is not an easy one. A design stencil is used to imprint onto a flat surface using a mesh screen, ink, and a squeegee. A stencil is created on a mesh screen, ink is pushed through to create an imprint a design on the surface below.

Usually, screen printing is done quite often on fabric and paper. However, it is also possible to do screen printing on glass, metal, wood, and plastic surfaces by using specialized inks. Screen printing is a time-consuming process and costs more than digital printing. Screen printing produces realistic colors and distinct tactile feel on fabric or paper with multiple layers of ink .A raised effect is created for printed content/design depending on the selected paper and achieves a premium print quality.

Once a design stencil is created for screen printing, it can be used to reproduce the same design multiple times thus creating numerous copies. Creating larger batches of customized clothing for sports teams or work uniforms can be done faster with this technique.

At Jimit Cards we offer screen printing services to create multicolored designs with intensive colors and fine details on a flat surfaced items such as invitation cards, visiting cards, letterheads, envelopes, paper bags, bill books, stickers, challan books, tags, and other paper board materials. Best for vibrant designs and bulk production to create superb quality products.

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