Die / Laser Cutting and Engraving

Die Cutting
Die-cutting involves a predefined shaped die used on a die press to cut through materials such as paper and card. Similar identical cuts can be done numerous times to resonate symmetric or asymmetric designs through the material.

Laser Cutting
The design art may have basic letters or complex decorations and multi-level patterns. In embossing, a design is pressed above the surface, while debossing is done by pressing the design below the surface. The embossing and the debossing process requires two metal plates, called dies - one with the design or character engraved on it, and another counter die has an inverse imprint of the design or character cutout. The dies sandwich the surface between them by applying pressure thus creating an embossing or debossing effect on the required surface.

Laser Engraving
Laser engraving is a popular technique for producing images, patterns, and logos on a variety of materials. Laser Engraving (also known as Laser Etching) is a process that involves a laser beam to change the surface of an object to create images or intricate designs, etch fine contours, and details on the required material. The laser beam creates heat at extremely high temperatures and vaporizes the surface matter, in a way that exposes surface cavities resembling the design. This instantaneous method generates quick results as the material is removed with each pulse of the laser.

Intricate designs are created using CAD software and resulting digital files known as raster files (file formats include GIF, PNG, and JPG) are sent to laser engraving CNC machines controlled by computers. A laser machine works on similar lines like an inkjet printer. Hardware drivers embedded in these laser machines convert the design from the computer into a readable format. The raster file is engraved line by line and the engraved material is removed pixel by pixel as depicted in the CAD design.

A powerful laser beam can cut sharply through 18 mm acrylic sheets and burn thick wooden planks in no time. Laser etching produces a visually fascinating and memorable matte effect. The laser-engraved material has a unique look and smooth finishing that’s difficult to achieve via other methods.

We offer Die / Laser cutting or engraving on the following materials to create visually appealing designs:




Wood / MDF Boards

Leather & Other Materials.

Benefits of Laser cutting | Engraving:

Non-touch cutting or engraving

Fast and High-Quality Engraving

Accurately Contoured Fine Detailing

No Dust Exposure

Finished Products with Die | Laser cutting and engraving:

  • Memento and personalized gift items for various occasions and parties

  • Awards for corporate and academic events

  • Logo cutting on visiting card

  • Engraving on key chains, diaries, and pens

  • Acrylic name plates and vehicle license plates

  • Stencils creation for engineering applications

  • Product Prototype Creation

  • Engrave designs or cut patterns on leather items

  • Acrylic letters and logos for creating signage business

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