Electroplating (EP) Stickers

Precious metals like gold, platinum, and silver have always been a symbol of wealth and are considered as a sign of luxury. They are considered auspicious and are favored for use on various occasions. Precious metals instantly garner attention and this is the main reason why people are easily attracted to it.

Electroplated stickers (EP) have become extremely popular as they can be embossed in attractive gold and silver colors. Electroplating stickers are easy to handle and are widely used for creating name labels on certificates, wedding and invitation cards, tags, and visiting cards. Electroplated stickers are also used to personally customize the products like jewelry boxes, mementos, gifts or gift boxes, and shagun envelopes. Electroplated stickers can also be used as stickers to be used on home appliances, gadgets, or electronic equipment like LED TV, CCTV, Water purifier, etc for branding purposes.

Jimit Cards is one of the most prominent and reputed names in the manufacturing and supplying of electroplating stickers. At Jimit Cards, we manufacture and supply the best quality of electroplating stickers that have a smooth finish with the rich - look and feel.

The electroplated stickers are resistant to moisture and stay shiny for longer periods. Our gold and silver electroplated stickers are delivered promptly even when you place a minimum order of 1 sheet. We deliver your order with good packaging and fast shipping to your delivery address

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