Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1 Can I order samples prior to placing bulk order?

Yes, you can place a sample order to have look and feel of the finally chosen cards prior to placing bulk order. Max 3 samples can be purchased.

(This facility is only for overseas customers)

Note: Preferably place bulk order within two weeks of receiving the samples so there is no/minimum batch variation in paper, printing etc. We reserve our right to change/modify material and pattern without intimation in bulk order as required.

2What does sample card include?

The sample includes the main card, an envelope and the interleaf/inserts .

Note: Samples are supplied without personalized text printed on them.

3Can I order samples of Custom Designed Cards?
As Custom Design cards are not standard and ready on the shelf kind of product, samples are not available. Concept is such that our designers work with you to customize each design as per your idea, elements and color scheme to match your wedding theme.
4Can I get sample card with my invitation wordings printed?

Please note it would not be possible to print personalized text on sample card as printing one card and bulk is almost similar process.

Once you finalize the card for bulk order and send us your invitation wordings we shall create and show you digital artwork/draft over email.

5What timeframe does sample order take to reach?

Normally sample order would take 3 to 4 business days for delivery.

Note: We ship consignments with DHL, FedEx and other couriers in accordance to their respective terms of services, as this being third party service.

6Will the sample cost be reimbursed?
No, the sample cost is non-adjustable, non-refundable.
7What does card price include?

Card price includes Main Invitation Card, Envelope and Interleaf or 2 Inserts chosen from available multiple options.

Price displayed is for BLANK cards, Printing and Shipping fees would be charged extra.

8How can I get total quote with printing and shipping cost?
You can email us the details of the selected design with quantity requirement and shipping destination.
9 How do I submit my invitation wordings to be printed?
You need to send us your invitation wordings in MS Word Document attachment via email at / quoting your order number.
10How can I get print proof artwork?

You can submit your invitation wordings to be printed in MS Word Document attached to an email at /

Our artwork team shall create a artwork in PDF/JPEG format and send you for review over email.

On receipt of proof artwork you can suggest amendments (if any) required, so our artwork team shall recreate artwork and send you again for approval.

We shall proceed with the actual printing only after receipt of your proof artwork approval email.

Note: Printed and Finished cards would have our company’s trademark and website address printed in small size on the back side of the card.

11What time does it take to receive proof artwork?

We normally supply the artwork over email within 2 business days.

Same way we supply revised proof artwork most probably next business day in case of amendments (if any).

However, sometimes it may take one more day due to the time difference and Sundays/Public holidays.

12 What printing does Standard Printing Charges take care?

Standard Printing charges take care of two unique invitation wordings to be printed on two sides of inter-leaf or two inserts along with Envelope printed in one color ink shade.

Any additional invitation wording to be printed will attract additional printing charge.

Standard Printing Charges will be multiplied in case of invitation wordings to be printed in more than one color ink shade.

13What timeframe does bulk order take to reach?

Normally it takes turnaround time of 2 weeks for bulk order to reach after proof artwork is approved and order is placed.

We create the proof artwork on chosen/ordered card and send over email for review in 1 to 2 business days after we receive the invitation wordings.

Once the proof artwork has been approved it takes us 5 to 7 business days for actual printing and finishing process to complete the order.

Thereafter courier service generally takes 4 to 6 business days for delivery.

Note: We ship consignments with DHL, FedEx and other couriers in accordance to their respective terms of services, as this being third party service.

14Will finished cards have your company name printed on them?
Yes, Printed and Finished cards would have our company’s trademark and website address printed in small size on the back side of the card to maintain the originality of the product.
15Can I order cards without printing of invitation wordings?
Yes, blank (without invitation wordings printing) cards can be ordered.
16How do you ship card orders internationally and what are the terms of courier services?

The general method used for shipping of card orders is Courier Service. We use reputed courier services like DHL, FedEx and others.

Please note these couriers are third party services and your consignment is carried, custom cleared in India and at destination as per terms and conditions of respective courier.

Once we hand over consignment to couriers, tracking AWB No. shall be provided for online tracking and coordinating with couriers.

17Can you send order as free gift / no commercial value?

We cannot send order as free gift / no commercial value.

We need to prepare invoice of total amount received by us along with shipping charges and hand it over to courier with consignment in accordance to the requirements of authorities and norms followed by us.

18Can I collect ordered cards from your store?
Yes, you can collect your card order from our store in Mumbai (Bombay) if so desired.
19Is there any Custom Duty, VAT or charges applicable?

Every country has different tariff for custom duty, VAT or other taxes upon imports.

If any such charges/taxes/duties are applied at the destination country, the customer will have to bear the amount and make payment to couriers.

20Are received cards will have any variation?
Most of card materials and processes are hand-work and may have some variation. This should not be treated as defective.
21I have multiple functions; Can I order additional inserts?
Yes, additional inserts can be ordered as per requirement.
22Can I do a RUSH Order and is there a fee for this?

Yes RUSH orders can be done. As for the charges, we generally try not to charge anything extra for RUSH orders, but if you need committed and 100% guaranteed deliveries, than it is best to pay RUSH order fee and take a tight and exact delivery schedule. Rush order fee may vary with card code, quantity and can range anywhere between INR 3,500 to INR 5,500.

Note: If we are unable to complete RUSH order on time, only rush fees shall be refunded.

23 What is the minimum quantity of cards to be ordered?
You can order minimum 100 cards and in multiples of 50 thereafter.
24Will advance do or else we have to make full payment?
All orders require payment in full advance.
25Can we cancel the order once it is placed?
Sorry, once the order is placed it cannot be canceled.
26What are the languages that can be composed on the card ?
We can typeset in most of the Indian languages and of course, English.
27Do you deliver worldwide?
Yes, if you wish to send some cards to India and rest to one or more countries than that is possible. In this case please send your order over email. Shipping to each country will be charged separately. In Fact, you will save a lot of shipping costs as compared to other countries, if you are shipping to India.
28How do I select ink shade to print invitation wordings?
We have displayed all our samples with sample text matter printed. You can option with the same or can also suggest an ink shade of your choice to print wordings and we shall print invites in same ink if it doesn't cause readability.
29Can we use our own courier for international shipping?
Yes, we can handover consignment to courier on your behalf from our store in Mumbai, India.
30Do you provide printing services? What are the printing charges ?
We provide total printing services. Our printing charges vary from card to card, the type of printing (screen, offset, foil) and the number of items that need to be printed (e.g. card, cover, interleaf, RSVP card)
31Can I choose the card for any other event other than wedding? Do you provide wordings for that as well?
Yes, you can choose any card for any function. Also, we can assist you with its wordings.
32Is Customization possible?
Yes, customization is possible. Cards can be customized as per your specification. Additional charges will be applicable. Charges depends on the type of customization requested.
33Will Add on cards match the main card?
Yes, we try and match the add-ons to the main invitation both in terms of paper and design. This is the basic strength of our site as the designs are our own and papers are always in ready stock. We are happy to make various things as needed in matching to the main invitation you choose to order.
34What is self-seal?
Self-seal is a peel off sealing applied to the envelopes. It is done using double sided tape which needs to be peeled off to seal the envelope. It is totally dry and ones do not need to wet the glue portion. Just peel and stick.
35Will the rsvp envelopes or any envelopes be pre-glued?

RSVP envelopes and Wedding Invitation envelope won’t come pre self-sealed. On request we can provide pre-glued using double sided tape. This service shall add on the cost.

Custom shaped envelope seal can also be done. For costing details you can email us.

We provide with FREE Round seals (Gold or Silver) with every bulk order to close the main invitation envelopes.

36Can I order programs at a later date?
Yes, programs are made closer to the wedding date. Sending out invitations is the main priority and the programs are needed only on the wedding date, so they can be done later. It is suggested to do them at least 2 weeks before the wedding date, to avoid any last-minute rush and delays.
37Does add on items cost extra?
All add on items will cost you extra.
38Can I see proofs on my card with my own text before making Bulk order?
Sorry we can start with the drafting process only once the order has been placed.
39I cannot find the card I liked?

Try searching through ‘Search’ button available on the top of the website. Put right code and do GO.

If card details are not displayed, the card might have been removed from the website either temporarily or permanently. E-mail at and check with Sales Team if they can get the card done for you. It is important to mention code number and quantity required by you so that they can check with production team and get back to you.

40Need more cards, can we do a reorder?
Of course, you can do a reorder of cards. We always keep the files on record for 6 months. You pay
1. card cost x number of cards you reorder .
2. + Shipping cost based on reorder qty.
3. + Printing cost is charged.
41If we order only one insert, will it reduce the price?

It is recommended that the second insert be sent blank with the order so that it can be used for thank you notes or place card etc. Sometimes, when you don’t take 2nd insert but we have it readily available, price reduction is not possible. In some cases, prices can be reduced.

For more details please email to with card code, quantity and number of inserts, and they will revert back with exact quotes.

42Is it possible to order only scrolls?
Yes, only scrolls can be ordered. For more details please email to with scroll code of which you need only scroll with quantity and they will revert back with exact quotes.
43Will Card color come out like the picture or video or like digital proofs?

It's difficult to say that the actual paper colors will match to a picture or video or to pdf sent for proof. We do our best to match them, but the best and the only way out is BUY a sample and final product will be identical to the sample. Sample cost is very nominal, and samples reach in 4 days anywhere in the world.

As a disclaimer, if sample is not bought and client perceives that the color will be like the picture or video, our website cannot be held liable for this. It is best you see physical sample by ones’ own eyes.

Note: Preferably place bulk order within two weeks of receiving the samples so there is no/minimum batch variation in paper, printing etc. We reserve our right to change/modify material and pattern without intimation in bulk order as required.

44Is shipping free for Bulk orders?
Sorry shipping won’t be free. Shipping cost is based on weight of the card and delivery destination.
45Can your website name be removed from the back of the card?
Yes, our website name can be removed with a simple request of not having it when you send final order and we will ensure our name is not there on the cards anywhere.
46Can we change the size of the card?

Card size change is not possible in every card. Please send an email to and production team will revert back with possibility of doing it or not.

If size customization is done, it adds customization cost plus depending on increase and decrease in card size, price per card along with shipping costs would also change.

Complete details will be provided when you send your size customization request. When size customization is done, paper changes can also be made.

47Can we change the paper of the card?

Changing paper type is considered customization. Paper change may not be possible in every card. Please send an email to and production team will revert back with possibility of doing it or not.

If paper customization is done, it adds customization cost.

48Can you print the card in two languages, for instance Spanish and English?
Yes, many customers do this way, when they need to put one invitation in native language and other in spoken language. This is fine and no extra cost to print 2 different languages on the same card. Standard printing cost is applicable.
49Can you print some cards for bride side and some for groom’s side?
Yes, this is fine. If both have chosen a different card or have the same card but different text, separate masters and proofing has to be done. So printing is charged separately for both.
50What is the difference between silk screen printing and hot foil printing?

Silk screen printing is best for short run orders. (Up to 500 cards) When you roll your fingers over silk screen printed matter, you can feel a raised text. Silk screen printing can be done in any color of your choice.

Hot foil is much shinier as compared to silk screen. It only comes in metallic colors as Gold, silver and copper.

The silk screen print is much cheaper than hot foil printing.

51Can we print different text on same insert let's say 40 with one type of text and 60 with other types of text?
Yes, you can print different text on same insert. But printing will be charged separately for each type of text i.e. you have to pay separate printing charges for each text.
52Can I print in Dark Gold or Dark silver?

There is nothing like dark gold or dark silver. The silk screen print gold and silver are like little raised and has a shine. Sometimes you feel that the sample you have is very dark. This is due to the fact that gold/silver inks become darker over a period of time. Actually, they become dull and loose shine which makes it look darker. So, when a Fresh/New order is printed in gold-silver color than it looks bright and shiny.

Gold-Silver color visibility is good when printed on dark colors papers like black, red, bronze etc. In light tones like white, cream, beige etc., the gold looks nice, but for reading text, the paper has to be slightly tilted.

53What is Foil Stamping?
Foil stamping is typically a high-end printing process. It is the application of metallic or pigmented foil onto a paper/card by application of a heated die (block) onto foil, making it permanently adhere to the surface below leaving the design of the die (block). Gold and Silver foil printing are available in matt and gloss (shiny) options while rest colors only in gloss (shiny) finish. A block/die is required to do foil printing.

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