Embossing and Debossing

Have you opened an invitation card and saw a design that looks like it’s carved on the paper. Have you ever imagined why such carvings are done? A well-known neuromarketing concept states that the sense of touch can be extremely powerful in triggering emotions. Similarly, the touch can ignite a sense of ownership and can influence decisions on a deeper level. Embossed or debossed items can create a similar effect on human minds. Embossing and debossing appeals to our touch senses, and adds visual detail and depth to physical designs.

The design art may have basic letters or complex decorations and multi-level patterns. In embossing, a design is pressed above the surface, while debossing is done by pressing the design below the surface. The embossing and the debossing process requires two metal plates, called dies - one with the design or character engraved on it, and another counter die has an inverse imprint of the design or character cutout. The dies sandwich the surface between them by applying pressure thus creating an embossing or debossing effect on the required surface.

Embossing and debossing services are offered by Jimit Cards on paper materials like invitation cards, visiting cards, letterheads, envelopes, paper bags, bill books, stickers, challan books, tags, and many more...

The quality of our work is meticulous and very precise. We deliver your order on time with the immaculate finish.

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