Envelope Seal

An envelope seal protects the sanctity of the personalized message to your loved ones while you invite them for special occasions. The joy of opening the envelope seal of an invitation card and reading the invite has no bounds. Though envelope seals are usually plain and minimalistic, you can take it up a notch with the help of Jimit Cards.

We love to create envelope seals for you that can be customized to suit any occasion. You can have them with contrasting colors or with a texture that matches your invitation card. And wouldn’t you like your invitation card to have your personal touch? For example, if you are sending a wedding invitation, the envelope seal can have initials of the names of the wedding couple printed on the seal. This will not only elevate the love and affinity in the couple’s relationship but the same will be conveyed to your invited dear ones.

At Jimit Cards, we will offer charming envelope seal designs that you can choose depending on your budget and personal preferences. We provide envelope seals with self-gumming or adhesive that sticks the envelope flap strongly. That would certainly save a lot of time and effort while using them.

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