South Indian Wedding Invitation Cards

South India is admired for its generous beauty and rich tradition. Weddings in South India represents the union of rituals and cultural traditions which adds the charm to the whole celebration. That’s why the Wedding Invitations in regions of South India are also given equal importance and done thoughtfully. At Jimit Cards, wedding cards are designed by our team of skilled professional designers who specialize in card designing. The Cards designed by team are made thoughtfully  to go well with the events taking place during the wedding.

Our exquisite range of Wedding Invitation includes Laser Cut Wedding Card, Modern Designer Wedding Cards, Royal and Traditional Designs, Scroll Wedding Cards and much more. All our Designs are available in our Online Catalog from where you browse and select from. We also provide customized service for the parties looking for more unique and custom designs. The cards can be personalised in your own words with the language of your choice. We provide South Indian Wedding cards in Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, etc.

We craft the invitations according to your taste, style and ceremony making sure every detail is designed to reflect you and your traditions on your special day.

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