Vastu Shanti & Satyanarayan Puja Invitation Card

We have Vastu Shanti and Satyanarayan puja at every auspicious occasion and at times when we are grateful for the blessings you have in your life. The invitation cards are the way to invite your guests formally for the big occasion you are planning. The puja ceremony has the best of the decor, food, and prasad so why take any chances with the invitation cards?

You can trust Jimit Cards to deliver the best printing invitation services to you. The cards made by us are of solid quality and we use paper that has different textures, colors, and patterns on it. The design is customized on the theme of the puja. We would have colors of the peacock that resemble the Narayan and have the font in readable print. You will get the correct vibes for the puja after you see our cards.

The cards also have adornments such as glitter, lace, and ribbons to enhance its beauty. The paper used to print your invitation are of premium quality. The printing card’s size depends on the information you wish to put on the card. Our cards have the best quality and aesthetic designs at cost-effective prices.

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